Who am I?

Justin Ho is the former co-founder and CEO of rideOS, an enterprise software co powering mobility-as-a-service technologies for a variety of dispatch, optimization, and routing use cases. rideOS raised $34M of capital from Sequoia and next47, before Gopuff acquired rideOS for $125M. At Gopuff, the inventor of the instant needs category, Justin led a team of ~150 technologists to build products to serve Gopuff’s delivery partners, operations associates, and increase the company’s profitability. Prior to rideOS, Justin led the ideation and creation of Uber’s self-driving and mapping business units, including leading it’s first 3 acquisitions. Justin has also worked for Citadel as an investor, managing a $1B long/short equity portfolio focusing on transportation and automotive stocks, and at Goldman as an investment banker.

Justin is passionate about doing good through serving people, and is actively advising other entrepreneurs and investing in start-ups at every stage of growth. He serves as an advisor for Humanity Forward, a non-profit bipartisan org to address our nation’s biggest problems, the USC Credit Union, and many other organizations.

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Justin Ho

Ex-VP @Gopuff and CEO @rideOS. Head of strategy @Uber’s autonomous and mapping teams. Advisor @humanityforward and @usccreditunion for social good